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WeatherFone® GPS Pricing & Operating Costs

The price of our equipment (and everyone else's) is determined by the number of incoming telephone line ports or the number of calls you receive each month.  

A basic WeatherFone®  unit comes with 4 incoming line ports and can efficiently process up to 100,000 calls per month including a weather forecast.  For lower calling volumes, you do not need to activate all 4 lines.  Our units are expandable up to 30 incoming lines in 2 line increments.

If you are replacing an existing system, you will need one incoming phone line for every 25,000 calls per month (be sure to compare this with the number of lines your current system requires).  WeatherFone® provides the most efficient call processing available, often resulting in fewer lines!

Typical savings vs. our leading competitor are $2,000 per year!  
We recently saved a Midwest bank over $6,000 a year in phone line costs alone.


If you are looking at a new market, we recommend 1 incoming phone line for every 25,000 persons in your local calling area.

Our Spanish version includes pre-recorded Spanish vocabulary for the Date, Time of Day and Temperature ( F° or C° ).  Sorry, we do not offer voice recording services for our Spanish version - you are free to use the voice talent of your choice for Commercial Messages and Weather Forecasts.  Messages can be recorded from any touch-tone telephone.

Our prices include 

If you're shopping, be sure to ask the "other guys" about this.  

* U. S. markets, English only

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