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Why Advertise with WeatherFone?

Convenient Up to date weather information is available at any time with just a few touches on your telephone keypad. 
Popular 238-5050 is The Most Often Called Number in the Van Wert area
Effective Name branding is probably the most effective form of advertising every month thousands of callers will hear your name and associate it with a very valuable and much-appreciated service.
Focused If you're like most businesses, the vast majority your customers live right here in Van Wert County. Why waste your advertising dollars on people that live 50 or more miles away?
Exclusive Are you tired of seeing and hearing your competitor's ads right next to yours? We offer exclusive contracts by type of business!
Unique There is no other service like WeatherFone in Van Wert. The number of other media "serving" the Van Wert area seems to be growing daily, making it extremely difficult to figure out where to spend your advertising dollars.
Affordable Compare advertising with us 24/7 vs. the cost of just one newspaper ad, radio or television spot or a billboard.


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References to monthly call counts are based on 12-month averages